We Can Be Heroes

A Call to Greatness for the People of God.
Heroes front coverOtter Creek Press. 2001.
87 pages. 6 chapters.

The events of September 11, 2001, marked our nation indelibly. But do those events mark us–the people of God? This series of sermons, preached in the weeks following that tragic day, suggest that we have been living safely within the limits of a domesticated faith. We have tamed the wild call of the gospel. We are practicing a too-familiar religion and attempting to worship a house-broken Lord. Our liturgy comforts rather than convicts us. Our theology profits and prospers us rather than calling us to sacrifice and redemptive suffering.

The events of September 11 confront us with low-living, small ambitions, and misplaced priorities. They challenge us with the possibility of standing up in a shattered world and proclaiming a gospel that, alone, can save a humanity so fractured and misguided.


Table of Contents for "We Can Be Heroes"

"We Can Be Heroes" sample chapter

"We Can Be Heroes" sample chapter

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