Serialized Edition of “The Mission”

Barbarian02This historical novel explores the story of Paul and the Corinthians. There is so much background (historical, cultural, religious, and political) that stands behind the Corinthian correspondence, and all of it necessary for understanding the issues facing the Corinthian church, that few people can read these letters and fully appreciate what they mean. I wanted to unpack that background in a manner that would be accessible to most readers. The result was an historical novel that weaves the biblical narrative (Acts 18) with Paul’s letters, combined with as much background material on Corinth and the Roman Empire as I could manage to include in the book. Hope you will enjoy.

By the way, if you do enjoy this serialized novel about Paul and Corinth, be aware that I have a similar historical novel (published by NavPress) about Paul’s ministry in Philippi. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this work (“A Distant Presence”–also published as “The Messenger”), please email me:

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