A Spirit for the Rest of Us Workbook

Leafwood Publishers. 2009.
A_Spirit_workbook_cover134 pages. 12 chapters.

This workbook is intended to serve as a companion to and extension of my book A Spirit for the Rest of Us. The one should not be considered a substitute or shortcut for the other. Each version has its particular purposes and its unique strengths and weaknesses.

It is usually true of books that they are long on information and short on application. That is the nature of the medium. The full-length book can lead the reader through a depth and breadth of thought that the shorter workbook can never hope to provide. However, some subjects demand more than good information; they require a practical and thoughtful guide to stimulate further study, discussion, and application. No subject I’ve ever written on has called for “more” quite like the subject of the Holy Spirit. And hence the need for a workbook: a tool to connect you with the Bible, encourage dialogue among friends, and help you put principles into practice.

The twelve chapters of this workbook attempt to address most of the major themes raised in A Spirit for the Rest of Us. In each chapter, you’ll find:

  1. A Summary of major themes drawn from the book.
  2. A list of related Readings—drawn from Scripture and connecting you to the book form of A Spirit for the Rest of Us.
  3. A series of Reflection Questions—for meditation and pondering.
  4. A Personal Study—to let you deal directly with biblical texts that speak to the Spirit so that you can draw your own conclusions about what those passages teach.
  5. A Small Group Study—to guide discussions in a class setting or at home with friends.
  6. And, finally, a Discipline—providing practical suggestions for developing a deeper relationship with the Spirit.
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