A Church that Flies

A New Call to Restoration in the Churches of Christ.
church that fliesLeafwood Publishers. 2000.
221 pages. 13 chapters. 2 appendices (including a small group study guide).

For two centuries now, Churches of Christ have attempted to “soar” with the church of the New Testament. Along the way, we embraced the assumption that we had to look and act like the early Christians if we wanted to get the modern church off the ground. If only we could reinstate the forms of the New Testament church (imitate their worship styles, leadership models, and church polity), we would then function with the early church’s power and grace.

It hasn’t turned out that way.

This book suggests that our greatest need today is not for a closer imitation of ancient forms, but a renewed sensitivity to the “aerodynamic principles” that lifted the church of the first century. It invites us into the Spirit’s “wind tunnel” to rediscover those principles–the eternal functions that must always determine the church’s practice–and to catch a new vision of a church that flies.


Table of Contents for "A Church that Flies"

"A Church tha tFlies" sample chapter

"A Church tha tFlies" sample chapter

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