The “Gospel” Essays

These essays on “the Gospel” are rooted in a prolonged dialogue about faith … a conversation I’ve been having with myself (no jokes please) and with others about the essential story that saves and sanctifies. What is that story? What should we include in it (the non-negotiable of our faith?) and what must we avoid including (those matters that, while interesting or beloved or even important, don’t really belong in the core gospel).

It has been a fascinating exploration. I am more convinced than ever that this dialogue needs to be taking place among our thought-leaders and in our churches.

The essays are divided into three categories:

  1. What is the Gospel?
    This group of essays lays a foundation for valuing the gospel (why is this subject important?) and identifies principles that can help us recognize the gospel (what it is and what it is not).
  2. The Gospel Story
    These essays outline the ten essential “components” of the core gospel … the themes that made up Jesus’ preaching of the “good news of the kingdom” and the apostolic announcement of the “good news of salvation.”
  3. The Gospel, the Whole Gospel, and Nothing But the Gospel
    Essays that speak to the importance of recovering the gospel in each generation of the church, protecting it from those who would expand or diminish it, and celebrating it in worship, life, and witness.

[If these essays capture your imagination and you would like to know more about sermons, small group studies, adult education curriculum, etc., to be used in the context of your own ministry, please contact me directly.]

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