Growing Up In Christ

Website Growing in Christ title slideThis series of articles addresses the fundamental mandate of the church: to make disciples … to work with spiritually immature people so that they grow up into the fullness of Christ.

The American church has forgotten itself. We are confused about our mission and our calling. Time and Kingdom laziness has permitted our focus to wander to unworthy things: building programs, dogmatic wranglings, programmatic tweaking. And the one thing that is at the heart of our calling–maturing people into Christ’s image–goes begging.

Few churches understand that they are in the maturing business. Few churches have a plan and a process for making, teaching, training, mentoring, and growing disciples. Church members are expected to grow up naturally, as a result of time-spent-in-church. It doesn’t work that way. Churches are the incubators in which disciples are grown. That incubation process requires intentionality, care, understanding, and discipline. These articles suggest a way that churches can once again focus on their God-given priority.

Your participation in this series of articles would be much appreciated. Comment. Question. Pick and poke. I’m hoping to start a dialogue, not present the solution. Thanks for caring about Christian maturity.

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