Chiang Mai, Thailand II

Dave and Debbie Hogan have been in Singapore much of their marriage. In fact, Dave grew up here with his missionary parents—after spending his childhood years in Pakistan. Interesting people leading interesting lives you meet on the mission field! Dave and Debbie are “vocational” in the sense that they do marriage and personal counseling and train counselors besides their work with the local church.

Dave picked me up at the airport around midnight on Thursday. I went immediately to bed and slept for 10 hours. (Praise the Lord—and Sanofi-Aventis—for Ambien.) Dave and Debbie had to make a flight in the morning, so I had the house to myself for the day. Worked on presentations and PowerPoints for my talks at the Asian Mission Forum. Went for a good long run (“long” becoming a relative term with advancing years). Showered. Repacked.

Mark and Karen McCurley picked me up at the house and ferried me to the airport. As it happened, they were on the same flight from Singapore to Chiang Mai. This couple has also been in Singapore for a long tenure—about 17 years! Mark is a consultant with Boeing and works with one of their manufacturing plants, but his heart is really with what God is doing in Singapore. He preaches and teaches and serves on the leadership team for the church.

After a quick meal at the airport (I was famished!), we boarded Asia Air for the three-hour hop over to Chiang Mai. Arrived at 11:00 at night. Robert and Jan Reagan met me at the airport. They will be my hosts during my stay here. There are people all over their house, here for the Forum. I’m eating breakfast with people from Japan, Malasia, Singapore, and Thailand.

I did not sleep particularly well last night—even Ambien has its limits! Still managed a wake-up run this morning. Soon we head to the hotel where the Forum is being held to start registration. I’ll be meeting lots of people with unfamiliar names over the next few days. Pray for me!

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