We begin our exploration of AGAPE by talking about “Godliness.” Christian relationships (governed by AGAPE) are first and foremost righteous relationships. Holiness, purity, goodness, obedience, decency, and integrity are foundational to our transformed associations with God and others.

Remember that—from the beginning—it was sin that caused all the trouble in this world and in our lives. Adam and Eve decided to step outside of an obedient relationship with God. They believed they knew better than God what was good for them. They wanted to define “good” without reference to God and his will.

As a result, everything has tumbled downhill ever since. And our relationships—in every realm—have come unraveled. Without godliness, there can be no healthy relationships. Where sin reigns, all relationships are debased and reduced.

God’s solution to our mess was to send his Son to make godliness possible once more. Jesus Christ became a man, lived a sinless life, and demonstrated true holiness and righteousness (Heb 4:15; 7:26). Because of Jesus’ obedience, God forgives our sins and makes it possible for us to live godly lives (2Cor 5:21)—to love in godly ways. As we grow in AGAPE, we grow in our hunger for holiness, our love of God’s way, our obedience to his commands, and our attempts to live honorably.

The clearest FRUIT of this new taste for righteousness is seen in our relationships.

The North Central Church wants for foster godly love. We will encourage a commitment to the good and true and righteous in every relationship. Healthy relationships grow out of AGAPE love. And a commitment to godliness is where that kind of love begins.

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