Layer 1–The Maturation Mission

The North Central Church has one overriding mission: to glorify God by fostering transformed lives in the image of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

At the heart of the Christian faith is the notion that we are not the people, this is not the world, God intended from the beginning. Something broke in God’s perfect creation. Sin entered the world and, ever since, the world has wobbled and our lives have limped. If we are to recover the grace and power and beauty God intended for us in the beginning, something has to change … we must be transformed.

But this transformation is not something we can effect ourselves. It is not an outcome of self-improvement or the result of self-discipline. Transformed lives, a transformed world, will only happen when God’s grace leads us to God’s Son and empowers us by God’s Spirit.

When Grace and Son and Spirit combine to work God’s will on our lives, however, we believe lives are transformed and God is glorified. His true purposes for the world are accomplished. The people he loves are healed and become fully what he intended all along. And everything he created the world to be in the beginning will be realized in the end.

In the meantime, the point of being disciples, the point of church, is changed lives. Broken, sinful, selfish people (that’s us) are on a journey to become healed, holy, and self-giving people. Slowly, by God’s grace and power, we are enabled to live more and more like Jesus Christ. God is making us different people so that we can make a difference in the world.

This “transforming work” is the essence of God’s present activity in the world. As Christians and as a church, we get to partner with God in the work of transformation. Some of the transformation God is doing in people and in the world, he does through us. We can’t change the world ourselves. But we can create an atmosphere where change is possible. We can encourage each other to let God work his will in our lives. We can “foster transformed lives” and, hence, partner with God in his essential work.

Here at North Central, everything we do serves this transforming mission.

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