Tim’s Writings

Since my earliest days in ministry, writing has been a particular calling. I’ve always believed that ideas and themes that were worthy of inflicting on individual congregations (and I have done my fair share of “inflicting”) were often worthy of wider distribution and deeper consideration through the medium of the written word.

You will find links to books I have authored under “Books by Tim.” Most of these ( “A Spirit for the Rest of Us,” for instance) began life as sermon series. Some of them, on the other hand, were born not out of my pulpit work but out of a continuing fascination with Paul and a desire to help lay readers wrestle with the complexities of his life, ministry, and thought. “A Distant Presence” is a work of historical fiction that imagines Paul’s founding of the Philippian church and the particular struggles that resulted in his writing the letter of Philippians. For each book, I’ve included links to the Table of Contents and sample chapters for those who are interested.

Finally, the “Article Series” tab leads you to blog entries I’ve written specifically for this web site; articles (both stand alone and in series) devoted to topics about the church, ministry, theology, etc. These articles reflect topics of interest for me and allow me to comment on subjects that (I hope) have pertinence to the life of God’s people and to those who are working to nourish that life. Your interaction with these ideas–through your comments and suggestions–is eagerly invited and heartily appreciated.

Other published work (magazine articles and more scholarly publications) can be found under the “Links” tab–the monthly article I write for LookOut Magazine, for instance, on the topic of “Church and Culture.”

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