Singapore, Day 2

Half a world away. An exotic, eastern culture. But the common ground of faith, commitment, and hope.

I arrived in Singapore at 12:30 Wednesday morning. Winston Chong, one of the elders at the Pasir Panjang Church, picked me up at the airport and took me to my hotel. Boy, did the bed feel good.

When traveling internationally, there is no possibility of avoiding some jet-lag-pain. I’ve found it helpful to hit the ground running—literally. I got up about 8:00 Wednesday morning and put on my running shoes. Four miles in very slow time, but at least it got my blood flowing and my heart pounding and let me take in a little sunshine to start resetting my bio-clock.

Enjoyed lunch with the staff of the PP Church (Henry Kong—the senior minister here for the past 45 years!; Ti Chhoan; and Patrick Ong). We ate Thai food down in the old Thai district of Singapore. Then went for coffee with one of the elders of the church (Winston Chong) and to dinner with another (Beng Chuan). Great men, very dedicated to the church and the cause of Christ here in Asia.

Thursday, I met with the leaders of the church for eight hours—focusing on leadership characteristics and skills. We talked about personal spiritual characteristics (the core of a leader—disciplines, boundaries, life in the Spirit, and relationships); personal shepherding skills (skills regarding people, Kingdom, Leadership, and change); and group shepherding skills (including the importance of trust and the practice of group discernment).

It was a great day. I think they were encouraged. I know I was.

We all went out to dinner that evening: a great smorgasbord of seafood, Chinese, Thai, Malay—the melting pot of cultures and cuisines that is Singapore. These are good, godly men trying to make a difference in their world. I’m proud to be part of their work.

The photo shows the leaders of the PP Church as well as representatives of Mission Resource Network.

[Mission Resource Network—a para-church organization focused on promoting missions, training missionaries, and supporting mission points around the world (see–is here at the same time. We’re splitting the teaching load. They have been involved with the PP Church for a good year, working with the Church here as a global strategic partner to promote effective missions in this part of the world. Jay Jarboe and Mark Hooper represent MRN and are doing the training for the congregation.]


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