Camp Gidawarra

When Jonathan and I started talking about a theme for Camp Gidawarra 2010, I (of course—having just written a book on the subject) suggested A Spirit for the Rest of Us. It turns out, however, that the Spirit was the focus of last year’s camp (a good sign and indicative of some spiritual health and vitality in the Australian church, I suspect).

The other project that has been consuming my writing time has to do with the Gospel. What is the Gospel, the whole Gospel, and nothing but the Gospel? What have we added to the Gospel that doesn’t really belong there? What have we subtracted from the Gospel that is, in fact, essential? These questions have haunted me as I’ve thought about the past of our heritage (a past dominated by forcing things on the gospel that don’t really belong there—“Unless you worship in this particular way, you cannot be saved”) and a future that, I fear, will compromise on essential themes of the Gospel (Jesus as “the way, the truth, and the life”—the exclusive claims of the Gospel).

Jonathan and I agreed this would be an important theme for us to consider at Camp Gidawarra, 2010.

Here is Jonathan’s summary of the camp:
“Camp Gidawarra is a week-long family camp/retreat held in the Gold Coast hinterlands every January. This year around 200 people of all ages will be attending representing at least 12 different congregations from all around the country. The focus of the camp is having heaps of fun, lots of fellowship, and plenty of faith building. There are Bible classes each morning (two hours worth each day), times of congregational singing after breakfast and dinner, with afternoons and evenings campers having the option of participating in the many organized activities, or just relaxing and getting some quite time in. It is a highlight of the year for many, some travelling over a thousand miles to participate (year after year), and many coming from congregations of only a handful of people. It is one of largest, if not the largest, gatherings of members of the Churches of Christ in Australia.”

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