Teague, TX seminar

I was invited to Teague, TX to give the “Spirit for the Rest of Us” seminar on December 11-13, 2009. The links in the sidebar (to your right) give a summary of the time I spent with the church there.

I have also included (below) links to the audio files of that seminar. If you’d like to listen to the sessions I taught at the Teague church, click on these links. [Warning: these are large files and the download will take a couple of minutes. Be patient. The links do work. The quality of these recordings varies. I apologize for that.]

If you enjoy this seminar, you may be interested in pursuing your study of the Spirit by reading the book on which this seminar was based–A Spirit for the Rest of Us. (Click on the book title to go to the Leafwood Publishers’ website, where you can order copies of the book or email me — tim@timwoodroof.com — to order a copy.)

01Why Bother with the Spirit

02A Spirit for the Rest of Us

03The Promise of Presence

04The Promise of Teaching

05The Promise of Testimony

06The Promise of Conviction

07The Promise of Revelation

08Are These Promises For Us

09Disciplines for the Spirit

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