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Tim Woodroof has preached for almost thirty years—in Lincoln, NE; Beaverton, OR; and—most recently—Nashville, TN.  He follows an almost genetic call to ministry: both his father and grandfather served churches of Christ for many decades.

He and his wife, Julie, have been married for 30 years and have three children: Sarah (26), James (22 and currently enrolled at Abilene Christian University), and Jonathan (21—attending the University of Tennessee).

Writing has been a particular calling for Tim.  Among his books are Walk This Way (a study of the Beatitudes), A Church that Flies (a thought piece on the future of churches of Christ), and A Distant Presence (an historical novel of Paul and the Philippian church). His most recent book (A Spirit for the Rest of Us) looks at the role of the Holy Spirit in contemporary Christian living.

Tim served the Otter Creek church for ten years. On his tenth anniversary there, he announced his transition away from local church work to pursue writing, speaking, consulting, and interim ministry in a more focused way.

J. Timothy Woodroof

3940 Waterford Way
Antioch, TN
(615) 604-3531 (C)
E-mail:  tim@timwoodroof.com

Born:  November 19, 1955
Married:  Julie Anne McCulloch—August 17, 1979
Children:  Sarah (28), James (25) and Jonathan (23)


1978    B.A. in Psychology and Bible, Harding University, Searcy, AR.
1980    M.S. in Clinical Psychology, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.
1984    Ph.D in Community and Human Relations (with emphasis in marriage and family), University of Nebraska, Lincoln.
Approximately 70 hours towards a Master of Theology, Harding Graduate School of Religion, Memphis, TN.

Work History:

  • Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Student Counseling Services (York College—1980-1983).
  • Pulpit minister (Lincoln Church of Christ, Lincoln, NE—1983-1990).
  • Pulpit minister (Westside Church of Christ, Beaverton, OR—1990-1997).
  • Publishing—Julie and I founded LookPress in 1994.  This is a publishing ministry serving the adult education needs of churches.  We publish curricula and series designed for the pulpit and classroom.  Look Press has provided materials for congregations in some 12 denominations, including over fifteen hundred congregations among the churches of Christ. www.lookpress.com.
  • Free-lance writing and work on several book projects (Searcy, AR—June, 1997-June 1998).
  • Pulpit minister (Otter Creek Church, Nashville, TN—1998-2008).


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  • Monthly articles on “Church and Culture” in LookOut Magazine (2007-present)
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  • The Mission. Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress (in press)

Recreational Activities:

I enjoy reading, backpacking, and fly-fishing.  In more disciplined periods, I run and play racquetball.


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