Top Ten Life-Lessons from Jesus

This is a series of sermons (preached at Otter Creek–in 2007–and at the Palo Alto Church in Panama City, Florida–in 2009) that focuses on ten fundamental principles for effective and productive living. Drawn from the teachings and character of Christ, these ten ideas are my (admittedly subjective) choices for the “best” lessons he offered about life.

[The MP3 files take a minute to download. They will play … just give them a little time. I hope these lessons will be a blessing to you.]

01 Dying to Live

02 The Gift of Grace

03 Beatitude Living

04 Humbling and Exalting

05 Please God

06 Big Rocks

07 Risky Business


08 Kindness

09 The Call to Courage

10 The Importance of Listening to God

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