A Spirit for the Rest of Us Series

If ever there were a time for our churches to be talking about the Holy Spirit, that time is now. I’m traveling all over the country and visiting churches like yours and I’m finding a real hunger among our people to know more about the Spirit of God.

Is the Spirit on your teaching agenda for this year? If so, I have a resource to help you.

A Spirit for the Rest of Us is a ten-week sermon series that includes outlines (to support your preparation), handouts (to put in your people’s hands), and PowerPoint presentations (to illustrate and add visual punch). Viewable/Printable samples of each of these resources are included below.

What you get in A Spirit for the Rest of Us packet: 

  1. Folder with Instructions and hard copies of all documents and presentations.
  2. CD with printable and/or editable files (Microsoft Word/Publisher/PowerPoint are required in order to edit files)
  3. Sermon outlines (5-6 pages of notes per week–to support your preparation and delivery)
  4. PowerPoint presentations tied to the sermon outlines (30 or more slides for each sermon)
  5. Handouts to duplicate for the congregation (including a sermon summary, reflection questions, and a personal study)
  6. One copy of the book A Spirit for the Rest of Us.

To see a video introduction to the Spirit Sermon Series, please click here–Spirit Video.

If you are interested in more information or want to purchase this series, please contact us: julie@lookpress.com.

Why Bother With the Spirit (Sermon Outline)

Why Bother Handout (Sermon Handout)

Why Bother PowerPoint (PowerPoint Presentation)

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