Recommended Blogs

Blogging has gotten a bad name. Mostly because of those excruciating, insipid, banal kinds of blog sites that confuse slice-of-life, here’s-what-I-did-today postings with material people actually want to read.

The following sites are written by people who care deeply about God’s church and the life of faith. They post thoughtful, often profound observations on topics I care about. They challenge me, lift me up, and (most importantly) cause me to THINK. If you’re looking for blog sites of that sort, let me recommend the following: — Chris is the preaching minister for the Highland Street Church in Memphis. You’ll find articles, sermons, and book recommendations at TRUENORTH. — The blog site of Lynn Anderson. Lynn is deeply interested in spiritual mentoring … particularly the need for mentoring ministers. is dedicated to encouraging, teaching about, and providing resources for those who are interested in the next generation of faith. –Lee is a gifted, thoughtful writer and teacher who always has good things to say. You’ll enjoy listening to Lee’s recorded sermons.

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