Membership Resources

I believe it is important–in the religious marketplace of our culture–for churches to define themselves clearly. Especially as people think about joining (or “placing membership”) at a church, telling them who the church is (it’s character and beliefs), how the church works (leadership structure, small groups, etc.), and what the church expects of them (ministry, giving, marriage, etc.) is critical. We should not assume people know these things.

The following documents were written for a new and prospective members class called “Foundations.” We required everyone wanting to become a member of our church to go through a series of four classes that introduced them to Otter Creek and addressed matters related to the church’s character and function.

Our Faith

This is a listing of our core beliefs ... the doctrines we are willing to fight and die for.

Theology of Membership

This develops a "theology of membership" from the 12th chapter of 1 Corinthians.

Oue Mission

This mission statement keeps at the forefront the essential functions of the church. We talk about it, plan around it, and structure our ministries by it.

How to Succeed as a Member

A few key "success indicators" to survive and thrive as a member at Otter Creek.

Baptism Statement

This sermon deals with the role of baptism in salvation and in membership at Otter Creek.

Worship Anchors and Boundaries

The key concepts which guide our decisions on matters related to worship.

Marriage Policy

Our position paper on the subject of marriage and divorce.

Confidentiality Policy

Our position paper on the subject of confidentiality and how we handle sensitive matters within church leadership.


A page from our "Foundations" notebook encouraging giving.

Bridge Ministry

The "Bridge Ministry" helps new members get to know Otter Creek and join a small group.

Life Groups

An explanation about how small groups ("Life" groups) work at Otter Creek.

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