The Shepherds charge the Community Outreach Committee to explore, determine the feasibility of, and initiate the following:

  1. Enhancing current ministries: How can we as a church become more involved and effective in reaching our community through the ministries that we currently support?
  2. Establishing new ministries: What opportunities presently exist for better serving our community? What needs are present? In what new ways can we build relationships with our neighbors, testify to the goodness of God, and foster transformation in the lives of those around us? How are we (as a church) equipped and called to minister to our neighbors?
  3. Building a relationship with Southside Elementary School
    • Discussions with the Principal and school representatives
    • Adopting classrooms/Teacher Aides/Tutoring opportunities
    • Identifying families in distress
    • Teacher appreciation events
    • School clean up/special projects
    • Providing school supplies
  4. Establishing Service Center in our building: (explore these possibilities)
    • “Life Skills” classes/seminars
    • Family and Household financial advice
    • Domestic/Child counseling services
    • Neighborhood “Welcome” program
    • “Mom’s Day Out” program
  5. Community Events
    • Community-wide BBQ
    • Christmas/Easter/other holiday events for the community
    • “Neighborhood Day” (Sundays where worship services are brief and community events are planned immediately afterwards – clean up, service projects, neighborhood canvassing [to identify needs], prayer walks, etc.)
    • “Meet the Mayor” forum (etc.)
    • “Police Appreciation Day” (?)
  6. “Curb Appeal”
    • Identify one block for sprucing, yard projects, etc.
    • One “major” project on a home
    • Two “minor” projects on block homes
  7. “Homes for the Homeless” initiative
    • Identify, purchase, and refurbish homes in immediate neighborhood around church
    • Help people to home ownership through incentivizing partnerships
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