Tim’s Consulting Qualifications

Tim 2009a

  1. Third-generation preacher among Churches of Christ
  2. Almost 30 years of pulpit ministry and church leadership—characterized by integrity, creativity, and effectiveness.
  3. Ten years of experience at one of the largest and most innovative congregations in our fellowship (the Otter Creek Church in Nashville, TN)
  4. Author of numerous books on the church and the most significant issues facing people of faith today (including “A Church that Flies” and “A Spirit for the Rest of Us“)
  5. Broad experience in speaking to and consulting with churches across the USA and internationally
  6. Well-read in the areas of church-systems, spiritual growth, church leadership, and conflict management
  7. Ph.D in Marriage and Family Counseling from the University of Nebraska (great training for dealing with the church family!)
  8. Connected to a great network of skilled, concerned, Christ-like ministers who are willing to help churches with particular needs or are looking for churches to serve on a full-time basis.

As important as these credentials are in preparing me for this kind of work, results of my work are even more important. Please contact me for references to churches with whom I have consulted over the past few years. I’m like the gardener who gives special attention to trees in distress. I invite you to judge my labor by the fruit it bears.

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