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End Matter

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(September, a.d. 51) Fall was as good a time as any to leave Corinth. Standing at the prow of a merchantman anchored in the harbor of Cenchrea, Paul stared off into the Saronic Gulf, watching the blue of the sea and the hazy smudge of Attic coast to the north. He kept his face to […]

Chapter 65: The Mission

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“Come along, Crispus.” Paul was almost dragging him through the streets towards Gaius’ house. “Why? Why now?” Crispus complained. He was following, but only with reluctance. “There are a great many years involved here, Paul. A great many wounds and slights. Those won’t go away with one meeting.” “True!” Paul was quite willing to concede […]

Chapter 64: The Mission

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“Tell me again why we have to go with you,” Prisca demanded, the three of them sitting at the shop a few days later. Aquila and Paul exchanged a glance and then looked away. They reminded Prisca of guilty school boys, caught in some embarrassing infraction. The question was directed to Paul, but Aquila tried […]

Chapter 63: The Mission

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There is a kind of dog, commonly used in army camps for guard duty, that will bite a man and not let go. Paul had heard the stories. Rough, rangy beasts, they’d clamp onto arm or leg or throat and hang on until all movement, all resistance ceased. Berekiah, Paul suspected, was of that breed. […]

Chapter 62: The Mission

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Sosthenes woke to absolute darkness and excruciating pain. Every muscle screamed. He would have screamed himself if he could have done so without flexing his stomach and chest and jaw. Cautiously, he wiggled his fingers and toes, a tentative exploration of the damage he’d sustained. They work, praise God! His fingers rubbed the fabric of […]

Chapter 61: The Mission

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Three weeks later, early on the morning of the kalends of August, Paul opened the shop to find a large crowd of black-robed, hard-faced men waiting for him. Rough hands took his arms, lifting him from his feet. Berekiah and Sosthenes stepped forward to face Paul. “Ah, Saul,” Berekiah oozed. “We meet again, it seems. […]

Chapter 60: The Mission

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The idea came to Berekiah as he stood before the Roman Basilica, watching the new governor take office. It was one of those flashes that seemed, at first, too bold … almost reckless. He tried to dismiss the plan out-of-hand, before it was half-formed. But it would not leave him alone. All through the official […]

Chapter 59: The Mission

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On the first day of Julius Caesar’s month, early in the morning before the heat grew unbearable and ruined the ceremonies with sweat-soaked clothing and wilted plumes, Junius Annaeus Gallio rode his white stallion through the gates of Corinth. He was preceded by six lictors, marching single file, bearing the symbols of Gallio’s imperium—the fasces. […]

Chapter 58: The Mission

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They exchanged pleasantries for a few moments, Crispus waiting for Berekiah to raise the matters he’d come to discuss … Berekiah content to draw out the uncomfortable moment for as long as possible. It was like a staring match, each waiting for the other to look away first. When Crispus cut his eyes away, Berekiah […]

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