Mark 7.01He walks by my boat as I am mending my nets. It’s been a long night. All I want to do is put the boat right and head home for a hot meal and a long nap. I’m minding my own business. I’m not looking for trouble. I haven’t asked for my life to be turned upside down. Yet here he comes, calling to me across the water, ordering me to follow him. He is not the kind of man you say “No” to. (You know that if you’ve spent any time in his presence.) So I do as he says. I do what he tells me. I leave everything and follow him. (Mk 1:16-17).

In the next few months, the things I see!

It is the Sabbath day. We go to the Synagogue and Jesus—the visiting Rabbi—is invited to teach. What are we expecting? Not this! This is something we’ve never heard before. Jesus unrolls the scrolls and the word of God pours out of him. We are spell-bound, dumb-struck. You could have heard a phylactery drop. Which only adds to the shock when a voice shouts into the silence … someone we all know … a sad soul with a history of inner demons. We are shocked. Not Jesus. Jesus doesn’t miss a beat. “Out!” he demands—as if exorcisms were a common occurrence for him—and goes right on teaching. The man gets up quietly and leaves politely. We’re looking around, wondering “Who is this guy?” I’m picking my jaw off the ground. (Mk 1:21-28).

I take him home afterwards for a Sabbath meal. What he gets, instead, is a sick mother-in-law. She’s in bed, laid low by fever. I’m about to apologize to Jesus and send him to my brother’s house for lunch when he brushes past me and walks into her room. I follow him, stammering protests, only to see him take her by the hand and help her to her feet. She stands and is cured. Just like that. No recovery period. No “I just need a nap.” Cured in an instant. From tremors to ‘hale and hearty’ in an eye-blink. What have I gotten myself into? (Mk 1:29-34)

A few days later, a leper shows up—Jesus heals him like he has a slight skin rash (Mk 1:40-45). Then a paralytic is carried into Jesus and, after mere moments, walks out under his own power! (Mark 2:11-12) He speaks to a man with a withered hand and the hand is suddenly whole (Mk 3:5). He wades into crowds of the ill and ailing and—with a touch or a word—heals disease, cures injury, and makes demons flee. (Mk 3:7-12)

I’ve seen him calm a storm with a gesture (Mk 4:35-41). I’ve seen him cure lunacy with a nod (Mk 5:7). I’ve seen him heal a woman, bleeding for years, without even realizing what he was doing! (Mk 5:27-29) Two words to a dead girl—“Get up”—and she lives again! (Mk 5:41) He feeds a hungry crowd with a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish (Mk 6:30-44).

What do you do with a man like this? What do you think about a man like this?

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