photo 1I’ve been a busy boy! Lots of teaching, personal interaction, quiet discussions with church leaders about their particular situations. It is tiring, certainly. But it is also the kind of work that lets me feel like I am squarely in the middle of God’s call on my life. I’ve felt USEFUL—the most wonderful feeling in the world!
The Men’s Challenge closed out Sunday afternoon—following a wonderful smorgasbord of smoked ham, beef, and chicken. We drove to Geoffrey Fairest’s home and settled down (four of us) for a quiet evening of discussion, encouragement, and wrestling with large questions.
The next morning—Monday—we headed to several rivers where scenic waters and large-shouldered, deep-bellied trout reside. I caught one beauty (my companions also caught one apiece) and we feasted on trout that night. Ahhh … ambrosia!
photo 4The following day, we drove to Tauranga where I met the staff at the South Pacific Bible College to work through matters related to vision, longevity in ministry, and reaching people in this culture. All afternoon, through the evening, late into the night. Wonderful discussion. Here’s an encouraging word: half a world away, your brothers and sisters are wrestling with many of the same questions we are asking in the States! And they’re doing it with the same passion, earnestness, and kingdom-focus!
I met with three young people Wednesday morning: twenty-somethings who want to move the kingdom forward but are sensitive to the feelings (and constraints) of their older brothers! What an encouraging time. What a great investment in them and in the future of the New Zealand church.
Tonight, I am in Auckland. Tomorrow (early!–3:30 am wakeup!) I catch a plane to Melbourne/LAX/Nashville. It will be long and brutal. But, to ease the journey, I have bright memories of wonderful people, great conversations, and kingdom work. Thanks to those who have supported this ministry effort with their prayers and generosity.