IMG_0283The Men’s Challenged ended today. What a great experience! A great group of men. They were so receptive to my teachings on the Holy Spirit. Very encouraging. Very hopeful.
I talked with the men about “Ten Skills for Experiencing the Spirit”:
  1. Ask for the Spirit—learning to conciously, intentionally requesting the Spirit in prayer
  2. Become a student of the Spirit—study, read, discuss, contemplate
  3. Develop Spirit eyes—learn to see the fingerprints of the Spirit in your life and in the world
  4. Develop a Spirit vocabulary—become fluent in language that acknowledges and appreciates the Spirit
  5. Live in the Spirit—the Spirit lives in us; but we also live in the Spirit and must keep in step with him
  6. Pray in the Spirit—discover the link between the Holy Spirit and prayer
  7. Discover your Spiritual gifts—understand how the Spirit has gifted you to make a difference
  8. See the Spirit at work in others—recognizing people in whom the Spirit is alive and well … and learning from them
  9. Learn Communal Discernment—allowing your Christian community to modify and improve your personal “tuning” to the Spirit
  10. Think Trinitarian—embrace God as Father, Son, And Spirit
My hope is that this retreat has started a Spirit conversation … that they will take the conversation home to their churches … and that the conversation will continue in congregations all over New Zealand.
IMG_0288Not all our time was spent with furrowed brows in intensive study. We ate. Wow, did we eat! Steaks, roast beef, baked beans and toast (one of my favorite breakfast items!), sandwiches, pavlova (desert!), biscuits (I.e., cookies), ginger beer … ahhhh! I spent a glorious afternoon in the Polynesian Spa, a series of hot-water pools (ranging from 101-107 degrees Fahrenheit) that come from natural hot-springs in Rotorua. Sulphur in some pools to firm muscles. Silicone in other pools to smooth skin. I emerged buff and unblemished. Well, at least, that’s what was promised. There was no money-back guarantee.
It was so good to be here. My gratitude to the friends who contributed to my mission fund to make this trip possible. I hope the New Zealand church will invite me back again in the future. I’m also hoping someone invents a transporter device before my next trip over. Economy class on endless flights is something I’m just getting too old for! Even if I do now enjoy marvelous muscles and silky-smooth skin.