Musings on Mark

I have long had a fascination with the Gospel of Mark. Mark’s spare, action-packed, provocative story addresses the questions about Jesus that were critical to first-century faith … and to twenty-first-century faith. “Who is Jesus?” “What kind of Messiah is he?” “What was his agenda and message?” “What sort of followers is he looking for?

I first preached through Mark in 1990, in preparation for the publication of Look at the Man, co-written with Glen Gray and published by LookPress in 1991

In 1993, I “wrote” the keynote themes for the Pepperdine Lectureship on Mark: Tell Me the Story. That exercise was a watershed for my ministry and my understanding of faith. I’d never dared ask some of the questions Mark raised: “Why does Jesus seem so secretive in this gospel?” “Why are the disciples so dense?” ”Why did the Pharisees hate Jesus so passionately?” “Why does Jesus poke a stick in the eyes of the religious leaders every chance he gets?”

The intensive study in Mark that year led to a publication in Restoration Quarterly(Vol 39, #4): The Church as Boat in Mark. [I’ve included a link to the article should you be interested.]

I have continued to preach through Mark (most recently with the Vancouver Church of Christ during the summer of 2013). It was this most recent reconnection with Mark (and my astonishment at how much I had missed in this Gospel) that resulted in these “Musings on Mark.” My hope is that these articles will stimulate your own study of Mark and perhaps provide some support and encouragement as you teach or preach this great gospel to others.

Tim Woodroof
Antioch, TN
July 10, 2013

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