Welcome to TimWoodroof.com. This site is intended to encourage churches in general, ministers in particular, and spiritual leaders of every stripe and shape.

The initial idea for the site was to create a space where I could talk about the various services I offer congregations: church consulting, seminars, interim ministry, mentoring, books, sermon tools, etc. In July of 2008, after 25 years of full-time pulpit work and 10 years as the Senior Minister for the Otter Creek Church in Nashville, I knew the time had come for me to pursue a different kind of ministry. I wanted to help churches in trouble, be available to churches for speaking and training, work more closely with congregational shepherds and a younger generation of ministers, and devote more time to writing. Over the years of my ministry, I have been privileged to work with some great churches and struggle through some significant issues in the life of God’s people. But with that privilege comes an increasing sense of responsibility. I needed to share those experiences and conclusions with others.

As the notion of this website matured, however, I saw the opportunity to make available to churches and ministers a wealth of material developed over decades of ministry: sermon outlines and PowerPoint presentations, small group studies, position papers, proposals, membership materials, devotional guides, support materials for such things as elder selection and fundraising and marriages. This website gave me the chance to gather—under one “roof”—audio and video versions of sermons, seminars, and lectures I’ve presented over the years. It provided a perfect place to post articles I’ve written and excerpts from my books.

Finally (I realized), this website could become a forum where significant issues facing the contemporary church could be discussed in thoughtful and frank ways. Issues like the gospel, “first things” in the life of the church, the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding our personal and congregational lives, the challenge of church leadership, the call to preaching, the importance of holy living, how to grow people up in Christ, etc. I have no interest in pursuing the “mint, anise, and cumin” of kingdom business in this forum—there are plenty of other places where matters-that-don’t-really-matter can be explored in depth, if that be your bent. Rather, I want to focus on the larger challenges of the kingdom … challenges that, if not met, constitute not only failure in ministry but the withering and wasting of the people God has placed into our care.

It is my hope and prayer that pursuing a website of this character will be helpful and encouraging to ministers, shepherds, and other leaders of God’s church; that it will be an endeavor that invokes your regular participation and proves a consistent resource for furthering God’s kingdom.

Sola Dei Gloria